Photos from the TV museum Pfungstadt

This anteroom serves as archiv for the "Fernseh GmbH". Also the recommencement of the "Fernseh GmbH" in Taufkirchen / Fils is documented here.

left side of the shelf: the exhibition of the "Fernseh GmbH" in Taufkirchen, Farvitester, Farvigraph, DKE with armed forces valve
right side of the shelf: applied technic, monitoring systems from industry, research and military.

Part of the archiv

Towards the big exhibition room

View throught the big exhibition room into the camera room.

Camera room

Big exhibition room: home TVs, monitors of the "Fernseh GmbH"

Big exhibition room: home TVs,, Philips "Starrenkasten", the first Telefunken TV after the war with 36cm television tube, "Fernseh GmbH" table TV with round television tube, Valvecabinet with different kinds of valves from 1916 until today

Big exhibition room: Valvecabinet

Big exhibition room: camera- and monitor-valves

Big exhibition room: Ortikon-camera-valves from the production in Darmstadt

Big exhibition room: different camera valves from Darmstadt

Every room is used.

stand devices: Philips K6 1967, Philips 1958, Nora Lumen 1952




Radiodepartment - Treppenhaus: Kathedralen, Telefunken "Katzenkopf", Telefunken Weltklasse u.a.

Radioausstellung - staircase: Loewe "Fernempfänger", Telefunken Arcolette, "Einröhren" Audion from the company Raweda Darmstadt (only known device from this company)

Big Radioexhibitionroom: Valve corner, dispatcher valves, R-valves
left side: detectors and big inductor from the company E. Metzler (Decendant Darmstadt)

Big exhibition room: detector sppols, accesoires

Big exhibition room: "Gemeinschaftsempfänger", "Volksempfänger", "Arbeitsempfänger", "Luftwaffenkoffer" from the airforce, german "Olymipiakoffer", Loewe "Ortsempfänger"

Big exhibition room: "Volksempfänger", "Teficord", "Tefizwerg", "Tefisuperzwerg"

Big exhibition room: different loud speakers, radio valves, radios

Big exhibition room: chest devices from the end of the 20ies until the start of the 30ies, Saechsenwerk "D-Zug", one of the first suitcase radios from the company Owin, american Radio from 1919